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Lets get Back Together

Lets Get Back Forever

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1-are you sick of all those new no doubt fans that think that gwen is god? and they dont even notice the guys
2-sick of all those wannabes
3-you almost have a heart attack when you hear hey baby for the first time?
4-you know that there´s 2 other records before tragic kingdom
5-you know who is john spence
6-remember when find no doubt fans was really hard, and you get excited when you find one
7-you think that gwen isnt more important than the guys, the 4 are great together
8-you love songs like total hate, move on, brand new day, ect
9-you hate when you notice that all those stupid cheerleaders that talk shit against you for listen ska music 4 years ago now love no doubt and want to be just like gwen
10-remember when you get excited for see sunday morning video in 1997
11- you hate the fact that nxd now is playing with bands like blink 182 but in the past they play with bands like sublime :/
12-you remember when you talked about no doubt and the people dont know who they are and you have to say, the people that play dont speak

if you answer more that 5 yes this is the place for you


*this isnt an anti gwen or no doubt community we just want to share our thoughts about the old no doubt and how much we miss them
*please if you want talk about how cool is the "rAwk" steady era there is a lot a communities about the new trendy go and share your shit with them
*we respect other people opinions, please respect ours
*dont come, join and post a lot of shit talking about how stupid or any anti the community comment, if you do that, you will be banned and those posts will be deleted, big deal! dont waste your time
*we still love this guys but we really dont like their new music...thats all, that doesnt mean that we wish that gwen die or some shit like that
*racism, sexism, and homophobia will not be tolerated, even in the slightest form.
*feel free to whore your community in here, just not excessively, as those posts will be deleted
*once youve joined, post! Feel free to fill out this handy survey
[x] name
[x] age
[x] location
[x] favorite no doubt era
[x] when you start to hear them
[x] any other info about yourself you feel free to share:

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